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Moniker Morsel: Desmond

Desmond sounds suave and classy to me, but also cute and on- trend for boys. Think trendy Declan meets old-fashioned Edmund.  Desmond ranked #329 for boys in the US in 2014, and has hovered around that rank for the past several decades…never too popular, never too rare.  If you’re looking for a more unusual choice with a similarly sophisticated feel, consider Esmond.

Origin: Desmond is an Irish surname indicating the bearer is from a region called Deas-Mhumhna, later anglicized to South Munster.  Desmond has been used as a first name since the late 19th/early 20th century.

Nicknames: Des/Dez, Desi/Dezi, Denny

Famous Desmonds:

Desmond Tutu- South African civil rights activist

Desmond Dekker- Jamaican singer/songwriter

Desmond Harrington- American actor

My thoughts: I think Dez is a cute and stylish nickname for this attractive appellation.  Desmond would wear fairly well at any age, and is very accessible.  I like that it’s never been too common, so it won’t be associated with any particular time period.

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Moniker Morsel: Galilea

The name Galilea (“gal-uh-LAY-uh”) is sure to turn some heads, but with her soft ending and similar sound to mainstream picks Lily and Laila, I think she could make a wearable yet bold option for a baby girl. I like that Galilea could lead to a popular nickname such as Lily or Lea, yet is clearly distinct from the endless iterations of these and similar names.

Origin: Galilea, also spelled Galilaea, is (in several languages) a feminine form of the biblical place name Galilee, a region in Israel. A better known reference is of course the famous physicist Galileo Galilei, whose name shares these roots with Galilea. Thus, Galilea could just as easily acknowledge a religious background as pay homage to a science icon.

Famous Galilea’s: Galilea Montijo is a Mexican actress and comedian.


Gala, Gaia, Lila, Lily, Laila, Lea/Leia/Laea

Sibling Name Ideas:

Galilea & Isadora (Lea and Dora, perhaps?)
Galilea & Genevieve or Geneva
Galilea & Clara

Galilea & Gideon
Galilea & Domenico
Galilea & Willem

(I had to resist some cheesy astronomy-related matchups!)

Possible Combos:

Galilea Aurelia
Galilea Garnet
Galilea Camille
Galilea Grace

Lyra Galilea
Ruby Galilea
Tamsin Galilea
Serafina Galilea

My thoughts:

Galilea is a unique and bold choice, yet she’s grounded in history and comes with a variety of sweet and delicate nicknames, so I think she’s wearable!

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Moniker Morsel: Fiery Fiammetta

Fiammetta is feminine and elegant without being totally over the top.

Origin: Fiammetta is an Italian name meaning ‘little flame.’

Famous Fiammetta’s: Fiammetta Cicogna is an Italian celebrity figure.  Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio used the name for a key character in several of his works.

Sibling Name Ideas:

Alessia, Flora, Freya, Petra, Monica

Domenico, Emilio, William, Cade, Jasper


Fiammetta Simone, Fiammetta Rose

Vivian Fiammetta, Antonia Fiammetta


My thoughts:

I love Fiammetta. She’s super feminine yet accessible. Fia, Etta, and Metta are girly, unique nicknames that would be so sweet on a little one.  I also think Fiammetta would make a chic first name to dress up a short, common surname, like Smith, Jones, or Johnson.



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Moniker Morsel: Todd

Todd is cool and cute.  The name ages well and certainly fits the criteria of not terribly common, but far from obscure. 


Origin of Todd: Todd stems from an English surname meaning ‘fox.’  I imagine this is why it was used in one of my favorite children’s movies, The Fox and the Hound!

Notable Todd’s: Chef Todd English, musician Todd Rundgren, children’s book author Todd Parr

Suitable Sibling Names:

Tia, Taryn, Tessa, Bria, Kate

Scott, Chad, Eric, Gregory, Brady


Todd Everett, Todd Emmanuel

Nathaniel Todd, Oliver Todd


My thoughts: I love Todd for his versatility and simplicity. I also love secret nature names.  My only hesitation would be the possibility of mean nicknames like Odd Todd…what do you think?




Moniker Morsel: Colette

The lovely French Colette just oozes femininity and glamour.  I think she could one day stand alongside Charlotte and Cora.

Origin: Colette is a French diminutive of Nicole, meaning ‘victory of the people.’

Famous Colette’s: Colette is a French writer.  Colette Carr is a young American musician.

Sibling name ideas:

Cora, Lucille, Rochelle, Diana, Stella

Justice, Casper, Sebastian/en, Christophe, Arlo


Colette Amabel, Colette Ismay

Amelia Colette, Nina Colette


My thoughts: I think Colette is a beautiful name that can go over the top, but can also be kept very classy and wearable in the right combo.  I think it can make a very sweet, ageless name!



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Moniker Morsel: Abraham

Biblical, historical, and rhythmic, Abraham is an unexpected and refreshing choice for a boy. With multiple international variations and nicknames to choose from, including the warm, familiar Abe and the sleek, modern Bram, I think Abraham is certainly accessible.

Meaning: Hebrew “father of many”

Famous Abraham’s: Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States.

Sibling Name Ideas:

Eisha, Araminta, Bianca, Edeline
Arlo, Nicholas, Ezekiel (Love the sibset Bram and Zeke!), Josiah


Abraham Iago, Abraham Quincy
Emmett Abraham, Walter Abraham

My thoughts:
Abraham is a masculine, strong choice. He is grounded in history and sounds refined and mature, yet I think he’s easily accessible in today’s naming climate.

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Moniker Morsel: Xanthe

Xanthe is not yet ranked in the top 1000 in the U.S., but I think it’s a beautiful name that has potential to make it up there! Xanthe gets along well with trendy Daphne, Phoebe, and Zoe, but I think she has a little extra “X-factor” (no pun intended).

Roots: Xanthe is a Greek name meaning “yellow” or “blonde-haired.”

Famous Xanthe’s: In Greek Mythology, Xanthe is a daughter of Oceanus.

Sibling Name Ideas:

Daphne, Vivian, Marnie, Violet
Andre, Zachariah, Max, Vincent


Xanthe Laurel, Xanthe True
Elena Xanthe, Brenna Xanthe

My thoughts: I LOVE Xanthe! It’s unique yet accessible. I hope to see it rise a bit in popularity!

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Moniker Morsel: Felix

Old-timer Felix is new and fresh again.  The letter X is in, and with his trendy 2-syllable rhythm, Felix is a winner.  Felix was a rare choice among new parents for a while, but with his sought-after uncommon but far from unheard of status, I’d say it’s with good reason that he’s officially back in style.


Felix is of Latin origin and means “happy” or “lucky.”

A Few Famous Felix’s:

Several saints and popes have been named Felix.  Felix Faure is a former president of France.  Felix Hernandez is a baseball player from Venezuela.  Felix Hoffmann was a German chemist.

Sibling Name Ideas:

Adele, Freya, Lydia, Mariska, Verity

Ethan, Forrest, George, Oliver, Timothy


Felix Raymond, Felix Paul

Warren Felix, Gabriel Felix

My thoughts: 

With his multicultural appeal, positive meaning, modern sound, and dense history, Felix is a great, balanced choice for a baby boy!


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First Moniker Morsel: Orla!

I saw this name on a birth announcement poster in a hallway at work. Little Orla has a twin sister named Maeve. At first I wasn’t too keen on Orla, but it’s grown on me, especially in this sibset.


Orla is an Anglicized version if the Irish Orlaith, making her a great match for Maeve and other Irish names trending outside the Emerald Isle.

The name means “golden princess.” No qualms there!

Famous Orla’s:

Orla Kiely is an Irish fashion designer. Orla Gartland is an Irish singer/songwriter.

Sibling names:

Annika, Caoimhe, Maeve, Natalia, Petra
Cillian, Emmett, Everett, Otto, Shane


Orla June, Orla Cordelia
Vivian Orla, Ivy Orla

My thoughts:

Orla is sweet, simple, and easy to pronounce, yet rarely heard in the United States. It’s not my style but I think it’s a potential up-and-comer!

What do YOU think of Orla?



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