For the 'different, not weird' baby namer

Is your favorite rare name suddenly popular?

on May 13, 2018

Ever fallen in love with an “unusual” name only to find out everyone else has too?  There’s nothing wrong with choosing a trendy, popular name (it’s likely popular because it’s a great name!) but some namers value uniqueness, and that’s OK too.

Has your longtime favorite suddenly entered the Top 100 in 2017?  If so, here are a few rarer alternatives!

On the boy’s list, Jamson, Santiago, Maverick, and Ezekiel are brand new to the Top 100.  For some more unusual choices, consider these:

Jameson (Up 28 spots to #100)- Judson, Jensen, Tennyson, Samson, Pearson, Sanderson

Santiago– Simon, Iago, Jago, Salvador, Isadoro, Inigo, Domenico

Maverick-Garrick, Flint, Emeric, Cormac, Wilder, Ranger, Rogue

Ezekiel– Ezriel, Zedekiah, Zadok, Eliezer, Ephraim, Alaric

For girls, Emilia, Everly, Valentina, and Nova entered the Top 100 for the first time.  If you love those names, you might also like:

Emilia (Amelia has also entered the Top 10 for the first time!)- Idalia, Adalira, Esmeralda, Mirabella, Liliosa, Camellia

Everly– Devaney, Waverly, Everett, Evanthe, Adelie, Amity, Aracely

Valentina– Violeta, Valencia, Evangelina, Mariposa, Paloma, Florentina

Nova– Leda, Nephele, Novella, Aura, Cleo, Clover, Echo


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