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Beautiful Names from Orphan Black

on June 17, 2016

Orphan Black is a fantastic thriller series that perfectly mixes futuristic science, human drama, and the phenomenal acting talents of Tatiana Maslany, who plays the roles of several very different human clones.  It’s truly a series like no other…if you haven’t seen it, go watch it!  Once you’re hooked, come back and read this post 🙂

Another thing I’ve noticed about Orphan Black is that the characters are superbly named.  This show is chock full of slightly off-beat names that are still very wearable.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Leda- This name from Greek mythology is used in reference to the entire line of female clones.  I think it fits in easily with popular Leah, Lily, Lila, and the like.

Helena- One of the most entertaining of the clones is Helena.  Helena is raw, impulsive, and at times frightening, but is as big-hearted as they come. Her name is an easily wearable classic, and a nice alternative to Elena or Hannah.

Cosima- Cosima, a scientist, is another of the clones, or “sisters.”  I think her name is a perfect choice for parents looking for something very unusual, but not clunky.  Pronounced “cuh-SEE-mah,” this sweet, feminine moniker has never ranked in the top 1000!

Mika- Pronounced “MEE-kah,” this name is worn by one of the most most mysterious sisters.  She also goes by the names Veera and M.K.

Delphine- The beautiful French scientist Delphine is also Cosima’s lover.  While Delphine is a bit frilly and dramatic for me, I think it’s a great choice for someone seeking an ultra-feminine girl’s name!

Kira-While Kira isn’t particularly unusual nowadays, I think it’s a very pretty, not too common name.  Here, it’s worn by the young daughter of one of the Leda clones, Sarah.

Evie- This villain has such a sweet name!


Castor- The male clones are referred to as Castor clones, drawing again from Greek mythology.  I wouldn’t use this name, personally, but for someone looking for an unusual name with a trendy sound, Castor could work!

Ira- For those looking for an alternative to the popular Noah, Elijah, and Ezra, consider Ira, worn here by one of the male clones.

Rudy- This Castor clone is recognizable by the prominent scar on his face.  I think the vintage nickname Rudy is cute and could easily be revived!

Cal– Cal is Kira’s father.  I think his name is super cute, and could stand for a variety of longer forms ranging from the obvious Calvin to the less common Callum, Callahan, or Calder.

Felix- Felix is an obvious choice for someone looking for that perfect mix of classic and edgy, and not surprisingly, this name has been climbing over the past few years.  In Orphan Black, the name is worn by Sarah’s sassy adoptive brother.


Isn’t this a lovely collection of well-named characters?  Who are your favorites from the show?



One response to “Beautiful Names from Orphan Black

  1. Kathleen Jones says:

    I have never seen the show but liked Delphine from Reign. Just wished it had a cute nn as it is a bit heavy for an infant.

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