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Noun Names that Need More Love

Yikes! I’ve just finished my first semester of graduate school and I’m WAY busier than I ever thought I’d be. Namesplash has certainly been neglected over the past few months, but since I have a short break for the holidays, I have the time to give it some much-needed attention! I’ll put an end to the Namesplash drought with some of my favorite noun names.

I, personally, am not a big fan of most noun names. I feel that they often have too much meaning attached to them for the wearer to make the name his/her own.  I do, however, have a soft spot for the nature inspired variety, and I’m sure many of you more open-minded readers can find appeal in others, from flowers to virtues to occupational names. So here are a few unusual noun names I think are lovable:


Atlas– Stemming from Greek mythology, Atlas would make a great alternative for those who love the sound of Silas but find it too common (Silas was #116 in 2013).

Colt– Slick and boyish, Colt is a cool, modern choice.

Flint– Isn’t Flint adorable? He’s a great alternative to Finn, I think.

Justice– One of my favorite virtue names, Justice is a stylish choice, and at #475 in the US in 2013, he’s uncommon but not unheard of. Do you prefer Justice for a boy or a girl?

Reed– My favorite nature name for boys, Reed has a sleek sound and will age well.

Shade– Cool and slightly enigmatic, Shade would fit in with common sounds like those in Shane and Caden.

Thane– As you might have noticed, I love the simplicity of single syllable boys’ names, but simple isn’t synonymous with boring. Thane would make a very unique pick.

Thatcher– This occupational surname has an appealing, on-trend sound.

Warren– A more subtle nature name, I think Warren is perfectly on-trend with his n-ending, and I love that he has more of a classic feel than many modern choices.


Ambrosia– A glamorous floral name that’s a bit over the top for me (I lean toward Iris and Lily), but would sound amazing with a single syllable surname.

Camellia– This frilly flower name is easily balanced out by the tomboy nickname Cam or even sweet and simple Mia.

Echo– An adorable addition to the o-ending trend.

Ember– While Amber is outdated, I think Ember has a completely different feel and could easily take off. The similarity to popular Emma allows Ember to fit in easily.

Joy– Perhaps she’s outdated, but doesn’t the name Joy just make you feel happy? I think she’s ready for revival.

Laurel– Another floral choice, uncommon Laurel combines the sweetness of a flower name with the familiarity of Laura and Lauren.

Magnolia– With the timeless Maggie as a nickname, Magnolia makes a wearable, classic nature name.

Mesa– I think Mesa would make a truly stand-out choice and would age well.

Perry– I think Perry has a uniquely adorable sound, but would you associate it with singer Katy Perry?

What are your favorite noun names?  Would you ever use one?  Share your thoughts here!

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