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Zippy, Zesty X- and Z- Names

From Xander and Xavier to Zoe and Zayden, X’s and Z’s are all the rage.  They certainly make for quirkier, bolder baby names, but many parents seek names that both have history and aren’t overused (these criteria would exclude recently invented names like Zayden).  While I think there are several names in this category that wouldn’t age particularly well, there are certainly a variety of very tasteful and wearable X and Z names.  Here are some of my favorite zesty X- and Z- containing names:


Cruz- A surname of Spanish origin meaning ‘cross,’ Cruz has a sleek feel to it and could easily fit in with modern trends while paying homage to a Spanish heritage.

Lorenzo- An Italian and Spanish variant of Lawrence, Lorenzo is also the name of a ruler of Florence.  Lorenzo has an older, vintage feel, and would make a great off-beat alternative to the trending Leonardo.

Zadok- Zadok is a biblical name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘righteous.’  Whether you’re seeking a more grounded alternative to the modern invented name Zayden, or an update on the classic Zachary, Zadok seems to achieve the perfect balance of fitting in and standing out.

Zedekiah- Another biblical name, Zedekiah means ‘the Lord is just.’ Zedekiah ranks outside the top 1000, yet I feel he’s just as accessible as Zachariah. Zed is a great simple, slick nickname, just like Zack.

Zuriel– Zuriel is a biblical name meaning ‘stone.’ His sound a bit more ‘out there’ than that of many of the others on this list, but I think Zuriel would make a great alternative to the popular Gabriel.

Lennox- Falling somewhere between Leonardo and Knox, Lennox is on trend, fairly simple, and made super cool by the X ending.

Lex- A diminutive of Alexander, the cool Lex could work well both as a nickname and as a given name.  He’d sound great with a longer surname, I think.

Paxton- This English surname has a cute, trendy sound, fitting in with Peyton and Jackson. I think Paxton is one of the few names of this style that could truly age well.


Adaliz- A gorgeous, unusual name to add to the Addie club, Adaliz is of German origin and means “noble.”

Azalea- This floral name is on the rise, ranking #900 in the US in 2012 and #631 in 2013. Azalea is is flowing, special, and I think, pretty wearable.

Aziza- Aziza is of Arabic origin and means ‘powerful’ or ‘beloved.’ She’s clunky but spunky, and if you love the Z sound, she could be just what you’re looking for.

Eliza- Eliza is perhaps my favorite of the names stemming from Elizabeth.  She’s a little vintage and she’s simple and sweet, but not at all boring.

Fiorenza- This glamorous Italian variant of Florence is sure to make a splash. Meaning “flowering,” Fiorenza is feminine and lively.

Hazel- Hazel fits into several trendy categories, from vintage monikers to nature names, and has a delightfully sweet but not-too-feminine sound.  She’s on the rise but hasn’t broken the US top 100…yet!

Nazanin- This beautiful Persian name means ‘sweetheart.’

Zara- This versatile name of multiple origins is sweet and simple with just a dash of quirky.

Calixta- A Spanish variant of the Greek Kallisto, Calixta means ‘most beautiful.’  Calixta is a bold choice, but the girly nickname Callie could make her very wearable.

Xanthe- Xanthe is a beautiful Greek name meaning ‘golden.’ She’s feminine but not excessively girly, and she’s unusual but accessible.

Xylia- Xylia can be pronounced “ZYE-lee-uh” or “SEE-lee-uh” (like Celia). The name may have multiple lineages, but at least one is from the Greek word for ‘forest-dweller.’  I personally think the “Celia” pronunciation is prettier, but if you’re looking for something bold and lively, the alternative pronunciation could work for you!

What do you think of X and Z names? Would you use any of these?

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