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Full Names for ‘Annie:’ Beyond the Ann Clan

on March 28, 2014

Annie is sweet, spunky, and, I think, ready to be super stylish…She’s classic and a little vintage, but still seems universally wearable.

While Annie is often a full name on her own or a nickname for obvious choices like Ann/Anne and compound names beginning with Ann/Anne/Anna (Annabelle, Annemarie, etc), there are plenty of other ways to get to Annie! Here are some more unusual options: 

Anastasia– Sophisticated and fairly unusual, Anastasia would make a great “different-but-not-weird” baby name choice.

Andromeda– While this glamorous Greek name is a bit over the top for me, I think Annie could soften it up nicely.

Angeline– My personal favorite of the names beginning with ‘Angel__.’I think Annie is a perfect nickname for this sweet, girly moniker.

Aniston– Not a fan, personally, but with this surname name being on the rise I couldn’t leave it out

Annika– Fitting perfectly with the “classic-with-a-twist” trend, Annika would make a lovely choice and perhaps works best on this list with the nickname Annie.

Anthea– feminine, understated, and ethereal, this sweet and special name would make a lovely formal name for Annie.

Antoinette– Again, a bit dramatic for my taste but a beautiful choice nonetheless, and easy to make wearable with Annie as a nickname

Antonella– My personal favorite on this list, Antonella is super feminine and glam but can easily be brought down to Earth with a simple nickname.

Antonia– Skip Toni and go with the girlier Annie!

Anwen– A unique yet simple Welsh name, Anwen is sweet but not overflowing with femininity.

Rhiannon– A GORGEOUS name from Welsh mythology…We Americans may have trouble pronouncing this name correctly though.

Savannah– I love Savannah as a sneaky way of getting to Annie!


What’s YOUR favorite formal name for Annie? Or do you prefer Annie on her own?


2 responses to “Full Names for ‘Annie:’ Beyond the Ann Clan

  1. Oh, how I *love* Antonella! She’d be Nell for me, though …

  2. Anastasia says:

    I’m an Anastasia and people mostly call me either Ana, Anna, or Annie so this is a cool Annie name. I also know an Annalise who goes by Annie. Annie names that I love are Anne, Annais, Annalie, Antoniette, Annette or Annabelle.

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