For the 'different, not weird' baby namer

Me llamo…

on February 27, 2014

I am preparing for a trip to Central America!!! I am unbelievably stoked. As a baby name fanatic, I thought it fitting to round up some beautiful Latin and Spanish baby names!

Adriana– has a trendy sound, yet is completely wearable and not too cute
Amalia– soft and feminine, could yield nicknames Ama, Amy, or Lia
Ana-a sweet, feminine classic
Carolina– glamorous and spunky, could have nicknames Carly, Cara, or Lina
Catalina– I love this one! So pretty. Nickname possibilities include Cat, Calla, Lina, Catie/Katie, and Callie.
Lucia– Pronounced loo-SEE-uh here, I think this name is just gorgeous, and wearable for all ages.
Magdalena– Love this one too! Very glamorous with a touch of youthful charm and spunk. How about Magda, Maggie, Lena, or Mae for nicknames?
Marisol– I find this name so gorgeous and special
Martina– A girly name with the tomboy nickname Marty. Or, call her Tina for something short and sweet.
Selena– A very feminine name that I imagine flowing beautifully with a variety of surnames.
Valeria-A more timeless variation on Valerie, I hope this name becomes more mainstream.
Ximena– glamorous, yet could yield a fun tomboy nickname…Jimmy!

Ambrosio– manly and refined, but can you think of a good nickname? I veto ‘Bro.’
Andres– A cool Andrew variation
Elías– On trend
Jerónimo– Fun and spunky, this one could have nicknames Jerry, Ron, Ronnie, or Jon.
Joaquin– popularized by actor Joaquin Phoenix, this name wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise in English speaking areas, which is great because it’s a sleek, cool name!
Matías– Cute and very wearable
Thiago– Love this one. I think it’s just the right balance of boyishness and manliness. Very cool.

I just LOVE Marisol. What are your favorites?


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