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The long and short of it

on February 5, 2014

It has been a VERY busy couple of weeks, and for the first time in a long time, baby names have barely crossed my mind!  Next week I’ll get back to writing, but to get us through the weekend, here’s a quick post about my personal favorite long and short names.

These sophisticated-sounding long names could easily dress up a short last name, and have tons of potential nicknames, while the cool, sleek short names could balance out a long surname.

Antonella- Feminine and uncommon in English-speaking countries, I find this exotic-yet-accessible name to be a great girly alternative to names like Isabella and Gabriella.

Ariadne- I’ve never been sure what I love about this name, but I just think it’s gorgeous! The mythology reference is…unfortunate, but the name is elegant nonetheless.  Less over-the-top and glamorous than some other long names.

Elizabeth– Timeless and ageless, Elizabeth will always be classy and stylish. I just love Elizabeth and all her variations and nicknames!

Fay– I love the simplicity and softness of Fay.  She’s a bit dated, but she’s so sweet and easy to wear, I think she could make a comeback!

Eve– I think Eve sounds so sophisticated.  Though she’s short, I certainly don’t think she’s boring. She’s a stunning classic, and I like the Wall-E reference, too 🙂

Niamh– She rhymes with Eve, but I think Niamh has a more modern feel while retaining the refined elegance of Eve.  Another gorgeous and chic choice, I think.

Ambrogio– For me, this a family name (Italian origin) and I’d probably save it for the middle spot.  I think he’s intriguing though, don’t you?

Nathaniel– Although he’s getting popular, this name has a classic sound, a la William and Daniel, and a cool, crisp nickname in Nate.

Zachariah– I think Zachariah is a more grown-up, sophisticated alternative to the cute Zachary, and you still get to use Zach/Zack/Zac, etc as a nickname.

Max– Max is a warm, comfy sort of name…and he’s a classic that boasts the trendy X.

Dean– I think Dean is universally wearable, and can work equally well for a cute toddler and a professional adult.  Again, simple but not boring.

Blake– Blake is one of the few names that I find are cute and modern sounding, yet I definitely love.  I think he’s fairly versatile, and isn’t SO cute that he’ll be outgrown.


What are YOUR favorite long and short names?



One response to “The long and short of it

  1. Rachel Emma says:

    My favourite short name is Fay/Fae! (My mums middle name) Also love Pearl.
    Favourite long’s are Wildflower, Amaryllis & Magnolia &, Wetherell (boy).

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