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Surnames as First Names: A Tribute to Favorite Writers

on January 15, 2014

Surnames as first names aren’t my personal style, but they’re certainly becoming increasingly popular and adventurous. So, here are a few surnames I can live with…and that have the added bonus of paying homage to a literary great!

Alcott (Louisa May)- Strong and unisex (a la Madison, Reagan, and Jordan), Alcott would make a stylish and unique given name. The classic nickname Allie is sweet and simple.

Austen (Jane)- With Austin’s familiarity, Austen is no stretch.

Bronte (Emily, Charlotte, Anne)- Already in use, Bronte makes an unique yet accessible girls’ name.

Eliot (T.S., George)- With Elliot soaring as a boys’ name (and increasing for girls, too), this spelling is very accessible and serves as a subtle reference. Eli is a cool nickname.

Fitzgerald (F. Scott)- Formal and refined, Fitzgerald would be a daring choice, but I like Fitz as a nickname.

Huxley (Aldous)- Plays well with Hadley, Harley, etc. And how sweet is Huck as a nickname?

Verne (Jules)- Verne is unique and appealing as a sleek, modern sounding choice.

Runners Up: Conrad (Joseph), Cooper (James Fenimore), Hugo (Victor) and Lee (Harper)…already commonly in use as delightful first names.

Would you name a child after the author of your favorite literary classic? What do you think of surnames as first names?


3 responses to “Surnames as First Names: A Tribute to Favorite Writers

  1. Kelli says:

    i love Austen for a girl. welcome to the name blog community!

  2. I quite like Alcott and Huxley! (Yes, welcome!)

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