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My take on Nameberry’s Cool Unusual Boys’ Names

on December 11, 2013

EEK! Yesterday Nameberry posted their Best 100 Cool Unusual Boys’ Names!

I’ll pause while you shriek/faint/dance with excitement.

SO I thought I’d share my personal thoughts on the list. There are some serious gems here, as well as a few I’m not feeling.

I love:

Aldous- Love Aldous Huxley, and his name is so sophisticated, but not too complicated (like, say, Algernon). And it comes with the approachable nickname, Al.
Calloway- Calloway has been on my list of favorites for a while, and I’m glad people are bold enough to use it! Not sure I am, but I adore the melodic sound and the nickname Cal.
Garth- I’m surprised this isn’t more popular thanks to country star Garth Brooks. The name is sleek, masculine, and pretty badass.
Keene- Clean and cute but not immature, I hope to see this name flourish!
Keir- I might be biased, as I know an adorable little Keir. With the popularity of Irish names like Kieran, I’d bet Keir is in the upswing.
Nicasio-OOOH! Trendy ‘O’ ending, several cool nickname possibilities, and a delightfully different sound. Intrigued!
Ogden- In my opinion, a much more sophisticated twist on the ‘den’ trend
Osric- LOVING this. Refined, and somehow complex and simple at the same time. Like a dressed-down Oswald, or dressed-up Eric.
Webster-In general I’m not the biggest fan of surname names, but something about this one makes it seem wearable.
Zed- Cool, sleek, and different.

I am totally not into:

Birch- To me, Birch is awkward, though Nameberry singled it out as a favorite
Driver- A bizarre choice. ‘Driver’ makes me think of a stereotypical excessively wealthy person yelling at their limo driver
Mackson- An awkward blend of Mason, Mack, and Jackson. Not working for me.
Oak- Sounds…truncated?
Phelan- There is no way to pronounce (or mispronounce) this name that has a good connotation. Felon? Failin’? Feelin’?
Pilot- Another occupational name…they’re not my taste
Satchel Satchel? Purse? Handbag? Pouch?

I’m intrigued by:

Cyprian- a delightful update on Caspian.
Finch- From Darwin’s Finches to Atticus Finch, this name is just too delicious to pass up!
Kelso- cute, rocking the ‘O’ ending
Saber-a badass name that, to me, is somehow softer than Dagger or Blade, but still cool.
Severus- Harry Potter fan geek-out time!

How do you feel about these names? What names on Nameberry’s list are interesting to you?


2 responses to “My take on Nameberry’s Cool Unusual Boys’ Names

  1. Have to agree on the “not into” names – they sound terribly awkward as names. Satchel in particular is horrible, and Driver is just weird.

  2. Blue Juniper says:

    I actually like Birch, but I’m not sure I would use it as a first name.

    I have to admit to being slightly “meh” about a lot of the names, but of course “cool” means something different to everyone. They definitely got the unusual part down pat though 🙂

    My top favourites from the list are Callaghan, Griffith, Llewellyn, Moss, Rafferty and Topher.

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