For the 'different, not weird' baby namer

Stylish Alternatives to the Top Ten Boys’ Names 2012

on December 3, 2013

1. Jacob

I personally love Jacob and his cute, boyish, yet sophisticated style regardless of popularity. For those looking for a similar name that will stand out, consider Caleb, Jett, Jabez, Jared, and Zebulon.

2. Mason

Mason isn’t my personal taste. I think the name is kind of cute, but otherwise bland. I’d liven it up with one of these alternatives: Wyatt, Harrison, Brennan, Donovan, or Beckett.

3. Ethan

Ethan is cute, yet easy to wear as an adult. Match his style with a name like Graham, Wesley, Etan (Hebrew), Owen, or Dawson

4. Noah

Another biblical name, Noah is soft and sweet. Instead, try Niles, Josiah, Adlai, Jonah, or Asa.

5. William

William is strong, refined, and loveable. Consider Warren, Caspian, Miles, Maximilian, and Samuel as equally regal alternatives.

6. Liam

A diminutive of #5, Liam is a trendy take on an old classic, but still has plenty of history in Europe. To match his short and sweet sound, try Gage, Lorcan, Reed, Lyle, or Milo.

7. Jayden

Jayden is cute and keeps up with the “-ayden” trend that’s taken over this generation of baby naming. To break away but still fit in, try Keegan, Jovan, Alden, Stellan, or Riordan.

8. Michael

Always wearable, sweet, and strong, Michael is a timeless choice. Less common options include Timothy, Conrad, Mack, Levi, or Raymond.

9. Alexander

For Alexander’s strong and timeless style, try Evander, Leander, Lincoln, Dominic, or Julian.

10. Aiden

Aiden is the king of the “den” trend. More refreshing choices include Keaton, Cedric, Clayton, Damian, and Trevor.

Share your thoughts on the U.S. Top Ten! What alternatives would YOU suggest?


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