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Moniker Morsel: Felix

Old-timer Felix is new and fresh again.  The letter X is in, and with his trendy 2-syllable rhythm, Felix is a winner.  Felix was a rare choice among new parents for a while, but with his sought-after uncommon but far from unheard of status, I’d say it’s with good reason that he’s officially back in style.


Felix is of Latin origin and means “happy” or “lucky.”

A Few Famous Felix’s:

Several saints and popes have been named Felix.  Felix Faure is a former president of France.  Felix Hernandez is a baseball player from Venezuela.  Felix Hoffmann was a German chemist.

Sibling Name Ideas:

Adele, Freya, Lydia, Mariska, Verity

Ethan, Forrest, George, Oliver, Timothy


Felix Raymond, Felix Paul

Warren Felix, Gabriel Felix

My thoughts: 

With his multicultural appeal, positive meaning, modern sound, and dense history, Felix is a great, balanced choice for a baby boy!


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First Moniker Morsel: Orla!

I saw this name on a birth announcement poster in a hallway at work. Little Orla has a twin sister named Maeve. At first I wasn’t too keen on Orla, but it’s grown on me, especially in this sibset.


Orla is an Anglicized version if the Irish Orlaith, making her a great match for Maeve and other Irish names trending outside the Emerald Isle.

The name means “golden princess.” No qualms there!

Famous Orla’s:

Orla Kiely is an Irish fashion designer. Orla Gartland is an Irish singer/songwriter.

Sibling names:

Annika, Caoimhe, Maeve, Natalia, Petra
Cillian, Emmett, Everett, Otto, Shane


Orla June, Orla Cordelia
Vivian Orla, Ivy Orla

My thoughts:

Orla is sweet, simple, and easy to pronounce, yet rarely heard in the United States. It’s not my style but I think it’s a potential up-and-comer!

What do YOU think of Orla?


Favorite finds from my Facebook

Like many other name lovers, I am ALWAYS looking for name inspiration. Facebook, of course, serves as an endless sea of names. Considering that a good 80% of the information on my Newsfeed simply informs me of what my ‘friends’ are enjoying for dinner, if it weren’t for the names, I’d have little reason to browse the site at all. Most of my Facebook interactions involve people born in the late 1980’s, so the names I’m exposed to probably don’t represent current baby name trends, but for some trend-fearers, that’s a good thing!
Without further ado, here are a few gems floating around on my Newsfeed at the moment.

Daphne– A spunky, delightfully feminine yet versatile name with an interesting mythological history.

Sarah– once so frightfully common as to be considered boring, I think Sarah has a timeless, elegant, simple beauty and should NOT be kicked to the curb! No, it’s not particularly unique, but just like Sophia, Sarah had her day in the sun because she is so gosh darn undeniably pretty. And now that she’s not so popular, perhaps Sarah is usable again.

Czarina– Not a name I’d personally be daring enough to use, but certainly a unique, flashy, girly choice for someone else!

Lainnie– What a cute, flirty name! I think this name (and spelling variants) could suit anyone from a little girl to a 50 year old professional, from a ballerina to a tomboy. And it would make a great nickname (think Elaine, Delaney, Alaina…).

Onnolee– A very clever way to achieve the extremely popular Analeigh/Annalee/Annalie while avoiding the “Anal” issue

Armando– how dapper! Rarely heard yet somehow familiar and easy to pronounce.

Quinn– I’ve met several little ones (both boys and girls) named Quinn but only this one adult. It’s a sleek, head-turning choice, but I think I prefer it on girls.

Perry– I saw this as a surname, but in today’s baby naming climate, it could work as a unisex name, don’t you think?

Tommy/Thomas– George is sneaking back into style, and I think Thomas is right alongside him. It’s a cute and wearable classic that ages well.

Donovan– I think this is a unique yet very wearable choice that would fit right in with trendy Declans, classic Dominics, and vintage Donalds alike.

What do you think of my Facebook Finds? And from where do YOU derive name inspiration?

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The Naming Climate: Unique but not weird

“Unique but not weird.” This is the holy grail when it comes to baby names nowadays.  Parents today are wrapped up in a frantic search for that one special name that all their friends will think is clever. 

The phrase means something different to everyone.  Some parents choose to breathe new life into an old, forgotten, “granny” name turned suddenly stylish.  Think Arthur, Mabel, Walter, or the wildly popular Florence.  Others prefer a name with firm ethnic roots and a long history, but a history outside the parents’ own home country.  Consider Alessandra, Niamh, Luca, and Callum: names commonly heard in areas of Europe but obscure in America until recently.  Finally, there are parents that want to create something all their own, yet something that still sounds like a name.  These parents might turn to spelling changes (Rylee, McKayla, Jaxon), variations on common names (think Aiden clan members Zayden, Graydon, Kaydyn, etc), or gender-bending names (Maxwell, Elliott, or Parker for girls).  Note that several of the names mentioned here are firmly established names, but still might carry a bit of a shock factor when they reach the ears of a less name-savvy family member. 

Whatever your personal style, it is clear that the current baby naming climate is entirely different from what it was decades ago, as everyone searches for a name that both stands out and fits in.  Perhaps this is a silly, frivolous ideal. Perhaps it is a fantasy never to come to fruition, but certainly, once a child arrives the name will seem far less important.  Regardless of your motivation or your style, please share your thoughts on modern baby naming here at NameSplash!


Welcome to NameSplash!

NameSplash is a diary of baby name thoughts, a collection of themed lists, a place to discuss baby names, and more! Please visit often to share your opinions, ask questions, and to find a baby name that’s sure to make a splash!

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